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Bogn Engiadina

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Othmar Fries, Leiter Therapie- & Wellnesszentrum

Othmar Fries
head of therapy & wellness
dipl. physiotherapist

Bernhart Evelyn

Evelyn Bernhart
dipl. physiotherapist

Gantenbein Renate

Renate Gantenbein
dipl. med. masseuse
AMM therapist

Holfeld Nadja

Nadja Holfeld
dipl. physiotherapist

Patscheider Miriam

Miriam Patscheider
dipl. physiotherapist

Gadacz Heike

Heike Gadacz
med. masseuse EFA
therapist for rhythm. massage according to Dr. med. Wegman
eurythmy therapist

Plangger Heidrun

Heidrun Plangger
dipl. med. masseuse

Stecher Rosmarie

Rosmarie Stecher
dipl. med. masseuse

Wagner Klaus

Klaus Wagner
dipl. med. masseur with Swiss FA

Alini Claudia

Claudia Alini
dipl. med. masseuse with Swiss FA

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