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Therapy and wellness centre team

Therapy and Wellness Center Bogn Engiadina Scuol Therapy and Wellness Center Bogn Engiadina Scuol
The therapy centre team supports and accompanies you on your path of healing with treatment and counselling individually adapted to your requirements. In doing so, we emphasise the great importance of promoting personal responsibility in order to achieve the goals we have set together.
Physiotherapeutin Elke Cloet

Elke Cloet

Team Leader Physiotherapy | Physiotherapist | Sports physiotherapy

Othmar Fries Physiotherapie

Othmar Fries

Team Leader Wellness | Physiotherapist

Miriam Patscheider Physiotherapie

Miriam Patscheider


Lea Plangger Physiotherapie

Lea Plangger


Ingrid Oberhofer Physiotherapie

Ingrid Oberhofer


Physiotherapeut Markus Roessler

Markus Rössler


Suter Peter

Peter Suter

Dipl. med. masseur with federal diploma

Plangger Heidrun

Heidrun Plangger

Dipl. med. masseuse with federal diploma