Welcome to paradise.

Our sauna area

Finnish sauna with aromatic infusions Finnish sauna
A visit to our sauna area is like a little trip to paradise.

Whether you like it warm or hot, with lots of steam or aromatic infusions, Bogn Engiadina has just what you’re looking for and more. There is even a special women-only sauna morning once a week. After sweating it out, we recommend cooling off with our ice fountain, plunge pool, waterfall wall, shower grotto or cold outdoor pool. But remember: when we say cold, we mean it! In between saunas you can enjoy panoramic views from our chill-out cabin, relax on the sunbathing lawn or stroll along the colonnade, where you can sample mineral water from a variety of local springs. That’s the Bogn Engiadina difference.

Important information

  • The entire sauna area is a clothing-free zone and is designed for people aged 18 years and older.
  • There are special sauna times for children up to 18 years accompanied by an adult.
  • Photography and filming is prohibited throughout the entire sauna area.

The Bogn Engiadina is open all year round.

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You can find here information about the prices.

Prices bathing area and sauna area

Our range of saunas

Finnish sauna with aromatic infusions ~ 90°C
Fireplace sauna with decorative fireplace ~ 85°C
Women’s sauna (with automatic infusions) ~ 80°C
Steam room ~ 42°C, 100 % humidity
Mild sauna ~ 60°C, 60 % humidity
Outdoor pool 15 bis 25°C, depending on the season – 26.5 m2 – 33 m3 – Tiefe 123 cm
Indoor pool ~ 16°C – 4.5 m2 – 4 m3 – Tiefe 120 cm
Outdoor sunbathing lawn with panoramic view
Relaxation rooms on the first floor
Chill-out cabin with panoramic view
Waterfall wall and selection of showers
Colonnade with two mineral water fountains Spring water: Sotsass und Vi
Ice fountain
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Sauna Bogn Engiadina Scuol Infusions with essential oils Sauna Bogn Engiadina Scuol Infusions with essential oils

Infusions with essential oils. Infusion schedule.

Choose your favourite aroma from the infusion schedule.

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Bogn Engiadina sauna area infusion vessel and towels Bogn Engiadina sauna area infusion vessel and towels

Authentic sauna experience. Our professionals know how to do it.

In our sauna area we offer you several infusions every day.

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Bogn Engiadina hall mineral bath in the Roman-Irish bath

Roman-Irish bathhouse. Your very own private spa.

Experience ancient bathing culture, it's beneficial and relaxing.

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Sauna relaxation room
Bogn Engiadina sunbathing lawn in the sauna area
Sauna walkway
Communal seating area
Shower grotto Sauna
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Chill-out cabin.

Panoramic view or reading lamp: admire a stunning view or broaden your horizon.
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Sunbathing lawn.

Blue sky and fresh air: soak up some rays and recharge your batteries.
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Pure mineral water: the choice is yours.
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Communal seating area.

Meet other sauna guests in a casual setting.
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Shower grotto and plunge pool.

Cool off after the sauna and kick-start your circulation.
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New at Bogn Engiadina Massage Chair Vitualizer

The Vitalizer Luxury massage chair

Already tried it?

The Vitalizer Luxury was developed in close cooperation with doctors to meet the highest health standards. It is an innovative product that relieves everyday ailments such as stress, back pain and tension. The two massage chairs are in the relaxation room on the 1st floor. You can conveniently book the massage via your chip bracelet. There are six different programmes to choose from. 15 minutes costs CHF 15.00.

Take advantage of our special offers

RhB Regionalzug bei Ardez
Bernina Express bei Serneus, Fotograf Andreas Badrutt
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Transport included

Guest Cards Engadin Scuol Zernez

With the Guest Card PLUS you have 20% discount on admission to the Bogn Engiadina's bathing and sauna facilities.
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Save with RailAway.

Travel comfortably by train to the Engadine.

Benefit from reductions on public transport services.
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View of the Lower Engadine mountains in autumn

Bainesser genuin.

The exclusive care products of the Bogn Engiadina.

In our online shop you can order the care products of the Bainesser genuin line.

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