Ancient bathing traditions.

Our Roman-Irish bathhouse

Bogn Engiadina Roman Irish Bath Mineral Spa
Our Roman-Irish bathhouse combines the health benefits of Roman bathing culture with classic Irish bathing traditions. Based on ancient bathing rituals, this modern wellness experience has a calming and relaxing effect on the body, strengthens your immune system and brightens your soul.

Rest and relaxation

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time for your visit to the Roman-Irish bathhouse. The circuit takes around 3.5 hours to complete, however its benefits for your body and soul are equivalent to a short holiday. The experience will stimulate your circulatory system, purge your body and strengthen your immune system. The humid warmth of the steam penetrates deep into your lungs and improves the circulation in your respiratory system. This is particularly advantageous during the cold months of the year when we’re more susceptible to viruses.

Your personal wellness temple

We only admit two guests at a time and the circuit in the Roman-Irish bathhouse is designed in such a way that you will only occasionally encounter other visitors. So Bogn Engiadina essentially becomes your own private health spa.

Opening hours and prices

The Roman-Irish bathhouse is open daily. Information regarding the opening hours and available appointments is provided during the online reservation process. Alternatively you can call +41 81 861 26 00.

We accept reservations for the current month and the following three months.

Online reservation

Single tickets

Single ticket, up to 3.5 hours CHF 72.00
Single ticket, up to 3.5 hours including a day ticket for the bathing and sauna areas CHF 96.00

Season tickets

Half yearly ticket without bathing and sauna facilities CHF 790.00
Half yearly ticket including bathing and sauna facilities CHF 1190.00
Annual ticket without bathing and sauna facilities CHF 1420.00
Annual ticket including bathing and sauna facilities CHF 2140.00

Important information

  • The entire Roman-Irish bathhouse is a clothing-free zone and is designed for people aged 18 years and older.
  • Please bring your own swimsuit or towel. You will receive a toga (towel) and slippers at the entrance of the Roman-Irish bathhouse. However you'll need to wear a swimsuit or your own towel as you walk from the changing rooms to the entrance and waiting area.
  • Please come to the Bogn Engiadina reception at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time slot.
  • If you are paying with a gift voucher, you must present the original gift voucher at reception.
  • Swimsuits and towels can be rented at reception (a deposit is required).
  • Photography and filming is prohibited throughout the entire facility.

Bathhouse procedure

This rejuvenating and luxurious bathing tradition encompasses 10 stations for health and well-being. Your body will be slowly warmed, encouraged to sweat and purge, before being gently cooled to a state of utter relaxation. Afterwards, you can enjoy high-quality tea as you moisturise your body using our exclusive and natural body lotion, before retiring to the relaxation room to wrap yourself in thick, soft towels and enjoy a stunning view of the surrounding Alps. And at the end there is a little surprise before we bid you farewell in complete relaxation.

The 10 stations

Shower using soap
1. Mild sauna ~ 54° C
2. Hot sauna ~ 70° C
3. Massage of choice
4. Steam room I ~ 38° C
5. Steam room II ~ 42° C
6. Mineral water jacuzzi ~ 36° C, 13 m3, 26.5 m2, depth 57 cm
7. Mineral water pool ~ 33° C, 23 m3 , 29.5 m2, depth 131 cm
8. Cold water pool ~ 16° C, 7 m3, 7.5 m2, depth 123 cm
9. Tea break and moisturisation
10. Rest and relaxation

Choice of three different massages

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Bogn Engiadina Honey Massage in the Roman-Irish Bath

Honey massage. Proven remedy for detoxification.

The honey massage is based on the teachings of traditional Tibetan natural medicine.

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Bogn Engiadina massage with aloe vera in the Roman-Irish bath

Massage with yoghurt cream and aloe vera. Feeling fresh and mosturized.

Yoghurt and aloe vera refresh and regenerate the skin.

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Bogn Engiadina soap brush massage in the Roman-Irish bath

Soap and scrub. Promotes circulation.

The soap-brush massage stimulates the circulation.

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View of the Lower Engadine mountains in autumn

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