Since Monday, 20 December 2021, the stricter 2G+ Corona measures will apply at Bogn Engiadina.

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Infusions promote vitality and health.

The infusion times in winter

Bogn Engiadina sauna area infusion vessel and towels Bogn Engiadina sauna area infusion vessel and towels
Essential oils reinvigorate the body and soul. They can help to boost your energy levels, support your immune system and generally increase your lust for life.

Essential oils have an immediate effect on our mood. You have probably experienced this in the great outdoors – the crisp woody fragrance of the God da Tamangur, Europe’s highest pine forest, invigorates and emboldens us, the scent of the pink Alpine rose inspires and liberates us, while a grove of lemons or oranges refreshes our senses. The use of natural essential oils can help you to stay fit and healthy. All the sauna infusions at Bogn Engiadina contain 100% natural essential oils produced in Switzerland.

The infusion times in winter

When Where What
9.15 am Finnish sauna Aroma
10.45 am Finnish sauna Special infusion
11.30 am Finnish sauna Aroma
12.15 am Fireplace sauna Aroma
1.00 pm Finnish sauna Special infusion
1.45 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma
2.30 pm Finnish sauna Aroma
3.15 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma
4.00 pm Finnish sauna Special infusion
4.45 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma
5.30 pm Finnish sauna Aroma
6.00 pm Finnish sauna Special infusion
6.45 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma
7.30 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma
8.00 pm Finnish sauna Special infusion
8.45 pm Fireplace sauna Aroma

Infusion schedule

Have a look at our infusion schedule to find out when your favourite special infusion will be taking place. We change the order of our infusions every five days to keep things fresh and exciting for our regular sauna guests.

The process of applying the infusions to the hot stones in the sauna takes at least five minutes and the special infusions are always scheduled in the Finnish sauna. Salt scrubs take place in the fireplace sauna at different times every day. Please note the monitor in the sauna for the salt peeling infusion times.